Trigger Point

The Many Benefits of Trigger Point Massage

Many people suffer from aches and pains that simply don’t seem to go away. If they do get a little bit of relief it’s rather short-lived. Trigger point therapy addresses many issues that people with chronic pain may suffer from. It is may be an effective alternative to pain medication to help create relief and relaxation in the body. However, trigger point therapy is still relatively new and there is not a lot of research on this alternative treatment yet.

An Effective Treatment for Headaches

Headaches can be overwhelmingly painful for some people. Trigger point therapy may help to relieve the pain of headaches by relieving painful areas within the deep within the skeletal muscles. The goal of trigger point therapy is to release points of tension that can often be represented by hard ball-like muscle cramps as well as throbbing headaches. Trigger point therapy ca be an effective treatment for tension headaches.

Trigger Point

Relief for Back Pain

Dry needling is a common form of trigger point therapy used to treat back pain. It’s particularly useful when treating chronic low back pain. Sciatica is an example of this type of pain. This type of therapy can relieve and relax traumatized muscle fibers resulting in diminished pain. Anyone suffering from chronic back pain might consider looking into trigger point massage in minneapolis mn. Lower back pain can be enough to make most of us want to lay in bed all day long if it’s bad enough. However, a treatment that reaches deep inside the source of the pain and seeks to release tension may provide relief.

Comfort for Heel Pain

Heel pain is another painful malady that many people suffer from. Trigger therapy has been used as a possibly effective treatment for this disorder. Heel pain makes it uncomfortable and sometimes impossible to walk. Trigger therapy seeks to create relief deep within the musculoskeletal system relieving damaged muscle fibers and nerves. This therapy seeks to find those painful areas and release the built up tension and pain. Trigger point massage may be an effective treatment to create relief for this condition.

Although relatively new, trigger point massage therapy is emerging as a possible alternative treatment for many different types of chronic pain. It seeks to penetrate the musculoskeletal bone all the way through to the damaged muscle fibers. These areas are often very painful, but with the right approach and the ability to find these painful trigger points, relief may be possible. This new alternative treatment has been used to treat headaches by releasing painful pressure points in different parts of the body. It has also been used to treat chronic lower back pain through dry needling, and heel pain through massage. The goal os this alternative therapy is the same regardless of the area of pain. It seeks to detect and release trigger points as an effective means of managing pain. It is also important to note that trigger point therapy is not a catch-all treatment for many different disorders, instead, it’s an alternative therapy used to primarily treat musculoskeletal disorders