Safely Taking Orals

Even if injectable stanozolol is the most agreeable form of taking this anabolic steroid, there are also positive feedbacks while taking oral stanozolol. Women even choose to take it in this form and overall, winstrol is the safest anabolic steroid that women can take if they follow a recommended dosage that depends on their metabolism, weight, and so much more. There is so much that you need to know in order to get the best Stanazol tablets results.

This steroid is known also because it doesn’t cause gynecomastia and water retention, and women don’t accumulate fat while taking it which is a good thing because muscles are what the users are after, not excess fat. If you want to get the best results, a high protein diet is very much recommended. It is also proven to cut off all those immoderate fat while making your muscles look lean and toned.

The correct usage of Oral Stanozolol to acquire the ultimate results

People may use this to get toned and harder looking muscles. While others may combine it (Stanozolol 50mg or 100 mg) with other forms of medication like parabolan 76 mg to get the most amazing results. In order for you to manage the aromatization and water retention, you can mix in some testosterone propionate or Masteron with an accumulation of anti-estrogens.

Women who take 25 mg twice or thrice a week said that they haven’t experienced any virilization effects.  And if women are looking for outstanding mass gain, they can add Durabolin or oxandrolone 50-100 mg.

Finding out the Best Dosage for Best Results

If you choose stanozolol tablets over the injectable version, then you should take about 10 mg to 20 mg dose daily because everybody knows its winning potential in raising strength and increasing muscle mass. Newbies and men of age can add 50 mg every other day on their second cycles to make it even more effective. Some may even add Deca-Durabolin from 200mg to 400 mg every week. If you want to make sure that you get the best results, you can also add 50-100mg testosterone suspension together with about 50-100mg or Oral Stanozolol.

Oral Stanozolol vs Injectable: The Face Off

The injection form of stanozolol is much safer than the oral stanozolol. But that depends on the user, the price, and the dosage. Oral Stanozolol can be dangerous to your liver because it can be hard for it to break down the many derivatives and testosterone in it, which makes this very toxic. If you take oral stanozolol in milligrams, it can be much more effective than the injectable but can be highly toxic for your liver too. If you don’t want to put your liver at risk, you can take 10-15 mg for women and 20-30 mg for men but this is not as effective as taking in a much higher dose (which will automatically put your liver at risk).

The best way to take oral steroids is by making sure that you use the correct dosage because as you may very well know, oral is much more dangerous than using injections. but you should also know that oral stanozolol has many benefits that have been mentioned above and you can make use of as long as you take the required dose.