Hair Curlers

Miraqueen Hair Curlers

With hair styling being the talk of the town, there are a lot of styling products available on the market. They come in all sizes and shapes. The Miraqueen hair curlers are such products that take your curling experience to a new level. So why is this product amazing?


Miraqueen hair curlers can miraculously curl the hair in 5 minutes. The curler is made of ceramic tourmaline, which produces a lot of negative ions needed for hair nourishment. Hence, it helps in protecting your hair as well as makes you chic. The outer body of the curler has a digital display that can be used to vary the temperature as per your need. This is an all-in-one curler that can be used to style hair as bouncy curls, loose ones, tight curls or even ringlets by just altering the temperature and timer settings. It has about 4 temperature levels and 3 timer settings as 8, 10 and 12 seconds. The curler also has the direction to use clearly marked. This makes usage easy as we would know the way the curler must be used for proper curling.

Hair Curlers

Modus operandi:

The curler can be used with small sections of hair. First, choose the look you want to sport. Based on this style, one can set the temperature and timer setting using the LCD display. Then, just insert a section of hair inside the curler and press the button. The curler literally sucks the hair in as a whoosh!! Once the curls are done, you will hear a long beep. You can then remove the curler, and it’s done! If you try to add large sections of hair into the curler, the curler won’t start. This aids in proper curling and shields your hair from damage.

Beep Setting:

The beep is a unique feature of the Miraqueen hair curler. This beep sound indicates when to remove the curler from your hair. You can set the timer based on the style you wish to sport. The beep sound will be given out in intervals of 2 seconds. When the timer strikes, you will hear a long beep indicating that your hair has been curled, and you can remove the curler. This way, your hair is protected from heat damages. Isn’t this amazing?


The curler takes immense care of your hair. It not only protects your hair from curling or heating damages but also from faulty usage of the product. The curler is equipped with software that identifies hair strands. Even if by mistake, you tend to leave your fingers or other small objects such as toothpicks inside the curling barrel, the machine senses it and stops. It further, unwinds your hair, thereby leaving it safe. There is no need to pull your hair out of the barrel.

The Miraqueen hair curler is identified as one of the best curling products of 2015. It produces a long lasting style that can make people go wow! So take this great opportunity to flaunt the perfect curls using this equally perfect product.