Is a Video Doctor Visit the Right Answer

People are always looking for more convenient options to protect their health and safeguard their families. One new healthcare option that is garnering widespread interest is the option to conduct a video doctor visit instead of making the trip to the doctor’s office whenever you, or a family member, is feeling a little under the weather. Some people are concerned that this will take the personalized approach out of medicine while others are curious about why it hasn’t happened sooner. No matter what side of the fence you are sitting on regarding whether you think it’s the right choice for you; it is an intriguing option to consider – especially in a world that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

How do Video Doctor Appointments Work?

The real beauty about video doctor’s appointments is that you probably already have all the equipment you’re going to need to make these visits happen. Once you make the appointment, you can “attend” the appointment, at the scheduled time, via smartphone, tablet, pc computer, or laptop. All you need in addition to the equipment is Wi-Fi access or data. Your equipment will need some form of webcam, a microphone, and speaker to facilitate communication – many of which are fairly standard with mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

What’s So Convenient about Video Appointments?

There are many reasons to consider video visits with your doctor, not the least of which is that you’re not exposed to a waiting room filled with additional germs. The other consideration is that it is much easier to work the time for an appointment into your schedule when you don’t have to factor in time for the commute and the disruption to your day. Add that to the fact that you may not be up to driving and you are doing yourself – and others on the road – a favour by staying home to visit your doctor.

For some people, the idea of a video chat with a doctor is the only way they will attend an appointment when sick so it actually ensures you’ll get the healthcare you need that you would otherwise skip due to the inconvenience of traditional doctor’s visits.

Is an Online Doctor Visit or Video Consultation the Right Call for You?

While there are many ways that online video appointments are more convenient and worth consideration. Nearly 90 per cent of video visits result in a solution for the patient, meaning an office visit isn’t necessary. In some instances, a follow up visit for testing or further investigation may be necessary. Otherwise, your doctor can generally make a diagnosis and prescribe medications based on a visual inspection and asking a series of questions about your condition and health. You will have the same degree of privacy and service you would in an office visit in a far more convenient setting.

If you have a condition that will require laboratory testing, or suspect that you do, it might be best to schedule an office visit, otherwise, you might want to take advantage of the convenience scheduling a video visit provides.

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