Find the Gym That Works Best for You

Joining the fitness world can be an intimidating process for anyone. If you are not familiar with the various gym cultures, you may find yourself lost when it comes time to sign up. Thankfully, if you are committed to fitness, your worries will generally be for nothing. That said, there are a few things to consider when you are looking to sign up for a gym membership.

Most people find themselves walking into a big box gym when they want to sign up for a membership, and there is nothing wrong with that! A few things to consider though. Often, these gyms are looking to upsell you. You may walk in with a vision of a low monthly rate, but you may be bombarded with offers for personal training and expensive supplements. If those do not fit into your fitness goals, politely decline and move on. If you were considering personal training, be sure to have a list of questions available and be ready to go through a basic fitness test.


Outside of the traditional big box gyms, Crossfit gyms have become all of the rage, especially in big cities like Dallas. Crossfit often works you in different ways, so be ready to get a great workout in. Crossfit is also a social fitness activity. If you think that you are going to walk into a Crossfit gym with your headphones on and workout on your own, then you have another thing coming your way. You really have to participate in Crossfit, if you like to be a loner in the gym, you probably won’t fit in well.

Walking into a new gym, whether it be a Crossfit box or a traditional big box gym, can be intimidating for anyone. Keep a few things in mind though, and you will find the gym that best fits your personality and fitness goals.