Erowid 5-mapb Vault

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Erowid 5-MAPB Vault is one of the drugs that are associated with the effects of mood lifting and some sensation of euphoria. The effects of the drug in the body are mostly associated with the sensation of appreciating music and the sensation of thinking and perception will be increased. In terms of neutral usage, the drug is associated with mode shift in consciousness and also some of the symptoms like pupil dilation.


Erowid 5-MAPB Vault is one of the drugs that are very often used in the time rooms to make people to forget about the real sensation of time when they are inside. At the time when it is being administered to body, this drug is known to increase the heart rate and also the blood pressure. This effect of elevated heart beat and also blood pressure is associated only for a short span of time which is very often dependent on the level of dosage. After effects of the drug is very often associated with insomnia. It is one of the most common symptoms that are associated very often in the clinical research of the drug.

Prolonged usage of 5-MAPB is also associated with the effects of less stimulating effect which is very often observed in a number of clinical trials and researches. It is rarely used in the trials in humans as the effects of the drug are not completely registered in the trial research processes. The drug is administered in only very rare cases for research purpose.