Best Tens Unit for Home Use

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit commonly known as the TENS unit is a device used to produce electric current for nerve stimulation in therapeutic treatments. The unit has a wide range of uses; from treating joints to labor pain. This versatile equipment is not limited to use in clinics and hospitals alone. They can be used effectively even at home. To know the best TENS units for home use, keep on reading.

The TENS unit is widely used as massaging machines in recent times. The current produced can generate mild vibrations at the pressure points to provide a soothing massage. It effectively reliefs pain and relaxes the body.


The following may be the reasons people would want to own this equipment.

  1. Traveling to hospitals can be a tiring day.
  2. You need to book appointments well in advance for the instrument since there can be long queues.
  3. One may need to spend quite a lot of money in doctor consultation, equipment usage fee, room charges, etc.

When hospitals tend to have large and sophisticated machines for diagnosis and treatment, people prefer a different version to serve the purpose at home. The below listed opinions can be used as a checklist for buying the best TENS unit for home use.

  1. Size is the most important factor. No one would prefer a huge machine that occupies large spaces. It is only you and your family members who are going to use the machine. Therefore, it should be in a suitable size. So always opt for a machine that is small yet effective.
  2. Basically, we prefer owning a TENS machine to cut down the cost. So, it is best to choose an economical unit that will suit your needs. Check the various offers available online and in the stores before buying one.
  3. The features that the machine supports are also to be considered. Most brands try pushing in a lot of features. However, don’t get carried away by them. You may need only some of them. Choose a one that caters to your needs.

One must check the guarantee period of the product. You would not want to have unreliable products. There are products available on the market that have a lifetime guarantee period.

Advertisements in magazines and medical journals can help you find the right one. There are a lot of columns describing such machines and their features extensively. Use such information to get a better idea of the available products to make a smart choice.

It is always a worthy choice to take the help of a professional or someone who has experience in buying such products. There can be a lot of minute details and flaws that only a trained eye can find. Even your family doctors or friends can help you choose the best one for you. However, in the end, it is you who is going to use the product. So buy the one that satisfies you!