6apb Aftereffects

6APB also known as Benzo fury is a very powerful stimulant and it has a same effect to Ecstasy. Initially it was concluded that this drug has calming effect and is less toxic one the consumers. But over years its devastating effect has been seen in the users. This drug is new and there is not much evidence on its long term effects. This drug is a powerful psychedelic drug and it can cause harm.

Side effects with regular use

Regular sue of this drug can cause several side effects. This drug is also responsible for some metal conditions such as depression, hallucination and anxiety. There is no particular way till known about how humans can be affected with the use of this drug. But there are serious consequences that users have to face with the use of this drug. Some people were extremely addicted and some have also been died because of the overdose of this drug. After snorting the drug users will feel immense pleasure and then euphoria and after that chills. The effect of the drug lasts for four to six hours and also depends upon the susceptibility of the substances. This drug works on the nervous system thus user might feel faster heart rate and high blood pressure. Sometimes people can also feel heart attack.


It is recommended that users with good metal status and health should take this drug. The addiction of this drug is highly dangerous. Overdose of the drug can even lead to coma and death. The drug cones in the category of research chemicals and is a being used as high legal drugs. This drug is banned in many countries. It is being used for medical purposes in some of the countries.

Ordering online

This drug is easily available online with some vendors. You can order 6-abp from them if it is legal in your country. This drug can provide great feeling of joy and pleasure but aftereffects are harmful. It is not wise to develop the addiction of this drug. It affects your nervous system   and can also lead to heart attacks. Regular sue of the drug can lead to mental conditions.